I spent my entire teenage existence being bullied. I fell into the trap of eating disorders and depression. I tried to take my own life several times. And it was all because of how I was treated by other people’s children.
I’ve watched as my children have become the prey for those same kinds of bullies, one even threatening my oldest son’s life if he stepped foot on school grounds. This was done in text message to my child while he was at home. What did the school do about it? Nothing. It was not on school grounds, it was after hours, and no one could prove this other boy actually sent it. Are you kidding me? We lived in a sweet little town and this kid was also the same skin color as my son. What did they expect me to do? I asked them that question and they told me to bring him to school and pick him back up. I simply asked them, “in a body bag?”
They had no reply for me.
It’s passed time for us to teach our children tolerance and kindness. This ever evolving cycle of hate, discrimination, and condemnation needs to stop.
This post that I’m reblogging does a super job at getting inside the head of the abused. Please read and bring this issue to light. I loved it! Thanks for being in my corner!

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“The Deep South (here in Northeast Georgia) is rife with a violent culture that plays itself out in a disrespectful culture all over our district, home, school, and work included.  We needed to change the definition of “bullying” and identify the participants (bullies, victims, and bystanders.)”Yvonne E. Richardson,  Middle School Teacher



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video short-documentary edited by  Crystalkay Fairrington

Young Robert Troy was still wearing his soccer cleats and found it difficult to maneuver the usual sharp turns, so he willed his legs to run even faster. The rains made the ground slick, and on more than one occasion, he stumbled, nearly losing his edge. Making a quick turnabout, on 1st Street, he hoped to make his getaway a lot sooner, because he was running out of breath. He jumped over ole Ms. Bernard’s chain link fence, nearly high jumped…

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Holy Cow! Technology is awesome when it works!


So I have been MIA for quite a while due to a problem with my computer! Yes, I need to go buy a new one…so go buy all my books a hundred times, please. I’m just kidding. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to write a little post.

Life has been crazy. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. This girl is happy that school has started and all the pressures of the summer are over. Now, I can concentrate on some of the important things…like writing. Oh yeah, and that school thing.

I miss interacting with all of you each day. I’m so sorry to have been gone so long.

The positive side is that Noble Courage has been re-edited so I’m excited to bring you the new version! We are still working our way through the rest of the series, but I felt Noble Courage needed it the very most.

You know, it has been nice to connect with my characters again as I slowly forge forward with the last book of The Aspen Series, Key of the Kingdom. Often times, I think we have our eyes set on the goal line, finishing that long labored project and we lost contact with the characters we loved enough to start the first book.

My advice? If you are writing a series, return to that first work often. If you have a favorite part, read it again and again. Stay close with the people of your imagination and don’t rush that final installment of a series. Show the reader you love them as much in the last book as you did in the first.

Carry on.

Feel free to pick up my works at Amazon in the Kindle section!

The Pros and Cons of Beta Readers


I use beta readers and I choose them very carefully. I’ve found that it’s great for both sides. They love your writing and get a sneak peek and you get feedback. I do try to have more than one and rarely are any if them in the same age group. I want a variety of perspectives. Do you use beta readers? If not, why?

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My short story, The Pink Scarf, was published in the second volume of an adult anthology collection, Ashtrays to Jawbreakers. It is completely free on Smashwords, so feel free to check it out by clicking here.

Take Me Tomorrow was reviewed by A Literary Mind recently, and you can read the entire review by clicking here, but check out this small excerpt: “I can’t say how refreshing it was to have a protagonist that felt real. Knife-throwing abilities aside, Sophia is like the rest of us; she’s stubborn, flawed, and simply cannot control her curly hair (I feel your pain!).”

The Pros and Cons of Beta Readers:

I love beta readers. In fact, I consider my beta readers some of my closest friends (and secret keepers.) But they are close to me because we were equally careful in deciding whether or not we were…

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Dream Brother: A Novel, now available on BarnesAndNoble.com


For those of you who love the feel of a book in your hands, Brian Marggraf now has a paperback version of Dream Brother now available! Check it out!!

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Happy Birthday To Me! Oh Yeah! Aspen Too!

Yes, today is my birthday. I’m a whopping 41 years old! I just graduated my second son and will have 5 grand kids by the end of the year. I’m getting up there for sure.

So what’s so awesome about the day of my birth? I get to share it with the fictional part of me. Aspen Darktower is a very important woman in my life. You see, she is me in many ways.

Aspen is very much the girl I once was and grows into the woman I wish to be. She is how I think of myself when I was young, a dreamer, shy but intelligent, and a hopeless romantic. Yet she blossoms into what she was destined to be: a leader of people, a strong mother, a devoted wife who still values her independence. Yes, that’s still me. But she endures unimaginable challenges in her lifetime that I feel would break me. Perhaps that’s why I love her so much.

When I wrote Noble Courage, I had grand ideas of what the perfect story would be. It started as a book that I intended to be a male smack down. I spent air of my life fearing men and then as a young adult, my heart was shattered time and again. So much of my personal drama made a compelling story for one wishing to wallow in another’s misery. So I twisted the story, pulled at the story, and evolved it to be the hauntingly addictive story that it is today.

However, as I readied to publish my work, I did a horrid job in editing. I will say it again, I’m a writer not an editor. So I will be the first to say that it just sucked unless typos and errors do not bother you. But it bothered a lot of other people. I have endured my years locked in a contract with another publisher, one who didn’t care about my work or even as me, the author, unless I was handing them more money. I was embarrassed to hand a book to anyone at all and consequently, my work has gone unnoticed by just about everyone.

But that’s about to change! Noble Courage is currently with an editor and is about to re-release on July 29th! The new and improved story will upload to Kindle and we are praying to get it done in paperback again as a second edition!

While we are working hard with these changes and meetings on changes and dreaming about changes, you are about to be offered an awesome opportunity to win a Kindle just for you, complete with my series in the library! And I will take it even further and gift you the final installment of the series, Key of the Kingdom, when it’s ready for release! That’s right! You get the very first copy!

What I need from you is to stay tuned. Watch for my posts that will have updates and fun moments with my characters. Then, when the time comes, one lucky person will win the Kindle I have sitting in my home, unopened and brand new!

Sound good to you? It sounds pretty dang awesome to me! So spread the word, reblog my posts, recruit readers and help me make this the best celebration ever!



Remember The Art of You?

A while back, I wrote a short story based on a dream that I’d had. It featured the very talented Hugh Jackman.
Well, I was in McCall, ID and had the chance to eat ice cream from Ice Cream Alley. Yes, those were all real places from my personal paradise.
I took the liberty of snapping some pictures of scenes in the story. Enjoy!








We are Only as Good as our Technology…

Things have been quiet on here as of late because my computer has decided to forbid me access to all my social media outlets EXCEPT Facebook! Go figure. So, it is my conclusion that I need a new laptop. That sucks since I don’t have the money at the moment to splurge and buy one. Lol. So I’m reduced to using my very intelligent iPhone to post with. That takes 100% more energy and frustration! So please bear with me here… I hope to be up and going again here soon!! :)